Appendix A. Compiling and installing kavclient

The kavclient™ package is distributed in source form. It is available for free download from kavclient™ home page. To compile and install it on your system, follow these steps (common to all packages built with GNU autotools).

  1. Uncompress the source tarball:

    % tar xvzf kavclient-0.2.tar.gz
    % cd kavclient-0.2

  2. Configure the sources:

    % ./configure

  3. Compile the sources:

    % make

  4. Install:

    % make install

Besides the common configure options such as --prefix, kavclient™'s configure accepts one specific option: --disable-reentrant. It configures libkavclient to be built without _REENTRANT preprocessor symbol, which means it will not be suitable for multi-threaded applcations. If you are absolutely sure you will use libkavclient for single-threaded applications only, you can gain some very minor speedup by configuring it with this option.